Master Plan

This project was a collaboration with artist and designer Daniel McCormick
To download the pdf click here:
Public Art Master Plan for Environmental Art in Charlotte, NCMaster Plan FINAL


Saying it with images too.

Part of self-promotion as an artist, means using images. I've been using photography in my work for over 20 years...and photographing other artists' works. It's great when publications feature it so prominently as part of their write-up of an artist. The August, 2007 issue of Landscape Architecture used my photography to feature the work of environmental artist Daniel McCormick.


Writing Samples

A publication in England and an online journal picked up the stories I wrote about an artist's public art installation and included the photos we sent, as well. It was a very successful collaboration resulting in some great press.

To read the online article go to: http://www.arroyoseco.org/watershedsculptures.htm


What They're Saying

"Your insight is quite valuable for me right now. Thanks for sharing your experience."
Ginny Mangrum
Fine Art Photography

“Wow Mary — I don’t even recognize myself. I love it. Believe me, your name will go out among my other artist friends.”
Kristen Garneau

"I've always had many ideas, but had trouble putting them on paper. Thank you for helping me organize my thoughts sucessfully. I'm looking for more grants to apply for, and of course I'll want you involved."
Daniel McCormick
Installation Art

“I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much, I just loved working with you. We will definitely do this again.”
Leslie Bertha


Writing and Editing for Artists

For the last 25 years, I have written about many things big and small, to make it possible for me to pursue my own artistic endeavors. Now I am exclusively focusing my editorial skills on writing for kindred spirits--other artists like myself.

For visual and performing artists, I create Words that Work for statements, grants, cv's, residency applications and articles for publication.

I offer personalized, fast service at rates that allow you to continue to thrive as a working artist. Contact me to discuss your writing project and ways I can help you get the word out about your art.